Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's to all our friends and family! Valentine's is one of Kirsten's favorite holidays (but who are we kidding, Kirsten seems to love most holidays - especially obscure ones), so she and the babies have been hard at work making a variety of holiday surprises for some family that we are finally able to share (assuming folks have gotten theirs!).

Wreaths for the grandparents (Mae decorated the papers, and then both kids lent a "hand" or two)

Thumb-ful Valentines to aunts and uncles

Mae's V-owl-atines for her big sister (Robyn's sorority mascot is an owl)

Ben's sole-ful Valentines to Robyn and Rich

(last year, Mae made a similar picture for Rich) and Cheerio hearts!

We had a lot of fun this year! Not sure if we will be able to keep this up every year, but we are so happy to have been able to make these crafts and show our love!


Natasha, Phil, Alex & Zach said...

You are amazing and crafty! Those kids of yours aren't too shabby in the crafty arena either!

The Beatty's said...

These are all too cute! You are so creative!