Sunday, March 8, 2009

Valentine Serenade!

Sorry it's been awhile posting this, but we are embarressed to say we are still trying to figure out our Flip.

As some may know, Rich's father (Opi) is an active member of a local chorus and quartets of barbershop style singers, the famous Hilton Head Barbershoppers. For Valentine's Day, the group delivers Singing Valentines throughout Hilton Head. This year, not only was Opi co-chair of this event, but he treated us with a private show at Omi and Opi's! (Omi, thanks for sharing your special Valentine with all of us!) Making the moment even more memorable, the group sang a special song to little Mae that we tried to video here.

We apologize -- it seems that most of the time the video starts to freeze part of the way through. Also, we are still figuring out how to maximize the sound, so you will have to max your volume to hear it. It was so beautiful in person! We hope you can enjoy it!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Luck, Daddy!

Finally some CURLING! This weekend, Rich and a team from the Club are headed up to NJ for the PCC Stone, a men's bonspiel. We miss our Plainfield friends very much, so the rest of us will be thinking of you while we get better!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow... in March?

Snow in NC seems rare enough, but in March?!?!?

Tough to blend in this time of year.

I know, some of our extended family was really hit with it in this last storm and we shouldn't be complaining (we really aren't, because we love the white stuff), but it wasn't even good snow! You couldn't make snowmen or snow angels; just the stuff that keeps the kids inside.

View from upstairs bedrooms