Sunday, January 27, 2008

More pearly whites!

Mae is now eager to show anyone who gets their finger close enough her 2 new teeth. We tried to get a picture of the new teeth - located on the bottom - but we were afraid she might bite the camera.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Holiday pictures posted!

We may take our time to get things done, but eventually they seem to get done. We've taken some time tonight and posted more pictures of our holidays to our online photo album for anyone interested. We hope to put up more photos in the coming days.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Semi-final results

Well, we didn't embarress ourselves but we didn't do as well as we would've liked. Jenn survived her first three games, receiving many compliments and encouragement from not only her teammates, but her opponents and bystanders. Kirsten weathered her three games as her team came close to winning several times, but in the end came up short (but they played some great and talented teams! A good time had by all!). Rich made it to the third event semi-finals, but lost to a fantastic Triangle Team.

We don't have all the final results from the bonspiel, as we had to leave before the finals were completed (long drive!). But we hope that information will soon be posted on the Chesapeake website.

Thanks for all your positive thoughts and notes this weekend!

On a seperate note: Mae would've been the ultimate costume contest winner, but was disqualified as she weighed less than a curling stone. Our camera was "kidnapped" for the weekend, so we hope to have Jennifer's or Sandy's pictures to post soon. But trust us, she was cute.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wish us luck!

We are off to the Chesapeake's annual Funspiel, my club's curling tournament! This is our first bonspiel of the year, and my sister's first EVER! Jenn is helping to fill out one of the teams and will play her first game against last year's event winner. This will also be my last bonspiel for the year, so let's hope it is particularly memorable!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day!

So much for our plans today! As we spent the morning getting ourselves together, the dreaded white stuff kept falling down accumulating to more than 3 inches.

We didn't take this picture (got it from the Baltimore Sun), but this is the view from the window of my parents' house.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Oh, friends. We are greatly saddened by our recent trip to Ikea. Although we didn't 6 hours drive north for the express purpose of shopping at Ikea, it was among the priorities of this trip. To be more specific, we planned to pick-out and pick up our new couch (an item we've been needing for two years now). But, annual sale or not, the couch we want is not available in stock and will take two weeks before arriving at the College Park (or any) store. Of course, in two weeks time we will be in Raleigh. Disappointment continues as we learn that the couch is also not available for purchase online even with a likely hefty shipping charge.

So now we have to try to fit in one more trip to Ikea before heading south so that we can place the order (which must be done in person) and then a second trip north to collect it. I guess Rich will get to curl in one more bonspiel before the season's end.

Now I know the few of you that read this are likely saying, just find a different couch. But after two years of not finding anything we could agree on, arriving at a mutually happy decision on this particular couch was no small accomplishment. So, that's it. We just have to make the trip... AGAIN... and then AGAIN...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Chesapeake, Ahoy!

What a fantastic weekend we had at the Chesapeake Curling Club! The USWCA Senior Women's Bonspiel was such a fantastic time! We met so many wonderful ladies, and saw some really fantastic curling! And Mae loved meeting everyone and making the rounds. We will post pictures soon, but we are still reeling from all the excitement (and exhaustion)! Congratulations to all the teams, and especially our Chesapeake team that made it into the second event! Congratulations to all the many volunteers who put in much more time than we did, and were still standing at the end of every day.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Getting ready

Mae and I are getting ready to head back to Maryland tomorrow to help out with the 2008 USWCA Senior Women's Bonspiel, a national curling competition being hosted by our Chesapeake Curling Club. Special for the event, we worked with another club member to have special aprons made for those volunteering in kitchen. The aprons turned out great, thanks to our friend from Utica Curling Club Liz Nolan of SewWhat, and one is modeled by Mae and displayed on the club's main webpage. The picture likely won't last, what with all the excitement this weekend and next, so I'm including a copy here.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Heading South...

We had a great time traveling up and down the East Coast, but we are also happy to have our minivan packed and headed home. We hope all of our friends and family had a great holiday season and we hope to see you (or many of you) in the coming year.

Christmas Mickey Mouse welcoming (and saying farewell) to Mae for her first Christmas.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year's to everyone! I wish we could say our celebration was a fabulous event, a big party not to be forgotten, but...

Well, judge for yourselves. Someone forgot to tell us as new parents we would look forward to sleeping more than celebrating. Here's to more sleep in the coming year! Happy New Year to all our family and friends!