Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First Halloween

Mae's first Halloween! My visions of seeing her as a little pumpkin almost didn't come true, as the costume was three times her size. But Rich again saved the day and dressed as her "pumpkin patch" -- thank goodness for engineers! While I manned the candy cauldron at the house, they visited the neighborhood and brought in a sizeable bag of treats (despite Rich's pleas that she was too young)! Guess Momma will just have to take one (or three) for the team.

Earlier today we tried to take pictures with our black cats. I bribed Lewis with treats, but Sabrina (not pictured) was not as easily fooled.

Not many trick-or-treaters came down our court, but we were happy to see the vampires, ghouls and Harry Potters that came our way.

In other news, today was our one-year anniversary in our new house. We haven't lived here the whole time, with the slow sale of the Maryland home, but still it's been a year!
We hope everyone else had a spook-tacular and safe Halloween!

Picking out a Pumpkin

The leaves have just started to change colors in NC, but we are making the most of autumn. Last weekend we visited a local farm where we found out way through a 6-acre corn maze. It was really a blast, but thank goodness Rich and Mae were leading the charge! I would still be looking for a way out!

After we finally found our way out, and compared Mae to a stalk of corn, we checked out the pumpkin patch and picked out the perfect little pumpkin.

Welcome to our Blog

Greetings from North Carolina! Like some of our friends, we are starting this blog as a way of letting friends and family know what the Collins family has been up to. We will try to keep our posts up-to-date, and we hope you will keep checking in. Drop us a note and let us know what you think as we get this on its feet.